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Drug Charges

If you’re up against drug charges involving possession or distribution of marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, Xanax (Alprozolam), crack cocaine or any other illegal drug or controlled substance, it is critically important to hire an experienced defense attorney immediately.

The Law Offices of Russell D. Bernstein, P.A., The Legal Helpline—A Private Law Firm is a South Florida criminal defense law firm that serves clients who face drug charges in jurisdictions across the state. We can take immediate action to ensure that your legal rights are respected and that you receive the dedicated and aggressive defense you need.

From illegal drug paraphernalia or straight drug possession charges for under 20 grams of marijuana to serious drug trafficking prosecutions, we have the experience and skill to challenge the prosecution’s case in pretrial hearings and in court, if necessary. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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Our goal is to keep you out of jail whenever possible and to minimize the long term consequences to your future that a conviction or guilty plea on drug charges can bring. We will work hard to have charges dropped or reduced and we have the proven ability to fight four you in the courtroom.

We thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case and are aggressive in filing motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence, all with the goal of having your charges dismissed.

The first step in many cases is seeking to have the arrest ruled unlawful or improper. Police officers do not always have probable cause to stop you or to search and seize your person or property. Without probable cause, your arrest may be illegal, giving you powerful grounds for a successful defense.

With offices in North Miami, Coral Springs and Weston, the Law Offices of Russell D. Bernstein, P.A., The Legal Helpline — A Private Law Firm offers experienced and dedicated defense representation in a range of drug defense cases.

To discuss your case with an experienced Florida drug charges defense attorney, please call our Legal Helpline at 855-352-8425 any time, day or night.

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I had an accident on 3/29 and explained all the details to Attorney Russell D Bernstein and he was able to get me a very favorable outcome in court so I would definitely recommend him! Great Attorney!

- Gabriel

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