Defense Against Possession Charges

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Defense Against Possession Charges

An effective drug possession defense often begins with finding the answers to important questions, such as:

Were you actually in possession of the drugs or just in the vicinity? Simply being in the same car or room as drugs does not automatically prove that you were in possession.

Were the drugs in plain view? Without a specific search warrant, the police are not authorized to search of your home.

Was there probable cause to search your person, vehicle or home? Few people realize that the odor of pot does not necessarily provide probable cause to conduct a search.

Were you properly Mirandized? And if you weren’t read your rights, did you feel you were free to leave? If not, you may be considered to have been under arrest and anything you said may be ruled inadmissible in court.

When overzealous police officers have crossed the lines and violated your rights, we will aggressively pursue a dismissal of your charges by filing a motion to suppress the evidence they obtained unlawfully. Our firm has achieved an impressive record of success by fighting drug possession charges in this manner. Contact our offices in North Miami, Weston and Coral Springs today.

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For many of our clients, conviction on a drug possession charge is simply not an option. In addition to the legal consequences, there is the cost to your future and reputation to consider. Even minor drug possession charges can affect your ability to find the job you want and some college scholarships may be automatically withdrawn if you are convicted or plead guilty.

Adjudication, conviction and most time-served plea deals result in mandatory driver’s license suspension for two years. Being unable to drive to work or school for two years is a potential consequence that few people consider in the rush to avoid jail time after a possession of controlled substances arrest.

There are options, especially for first time offenders. Drug court and diversion programs can require you to attend classes and comply with mandatory urinalysis (UA) drug testing, but drug court is an excellent alternative for those who qualify. Our firm has a sound record of success in making this option available to our clients.

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I had an accident on 3/29 and explained all the details to Attorney Russell D Bernstein and he was able to get me a very favorable outcome in court so I would definitely recommend him! Great Attorney!

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