Keeping Points Off Your Driving Record

Why Fight Traffic Tickets?

Florida Driving Record Defense Lawyer

Keeping Points Off Your Driving Record

When faced with the choice of paying a traffic ticket or hiring an attorney to fight for your rights, it is important to realize that traffic tickets have hidden costs. Under Florida’s driver’s license points system, tickets can cost you in higher insurance rates and even a suspended license, on top of the fines and court costs you must pay.

The Law Offices of Russell D. Bernstein, P.A., The Legal Helpline—A Private Law Firm in South Florida that will fight to keep points off your license by pursuing every legal option to have your citation dismissed. In cases where this is not an option, we will work tirelessly to give you the best chance to avoid the imposition of points, fines, court costs, increased insurance premiums or a suspended license.

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Our driving record defense services are economical when compared to the long term costs associated with potentially losing your driver’s license for a serious moving violation or driving with a suspended license. But what about lesser offenses?

Is it worth it to fight toll tickets? Yes. It is common knowledge that from time to time, your Sun Pass may not be processed at the toll gate. A lot of people either pay the relatively small fine or simply forget about it, assuming nothing serious can happen.

Toll tickets can add 3 points to your license per violation. Some of our clients have paid off toll violation tickets only to end up paying higher insurance rates or having their license suspended for lengthy periods of time. Paying a traffic ticket is essentially pleading guilty. The offense goes on your record and can add points to your driver’s license.

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I had an accident on 3/29 and explained all the details to Attorney Russell D Bernstein and he was able to get me a very favorable outcome in court so I would definitely recommend him! Great Attorney!

- Gabriel

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