Recent News on Red Light Camera Citations

New Holding from the Fourth District Court of Appeals on Red Light Camera Citations!

The Fourth District Court of Appeals, in West Palm Beach, Florida, has ruled that red light cameras should be deemed illegal for the charge of running a red light in Broward and Palm Beach counties. The argument being that for a traffic ticket to have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the citation needs to be issued by law enforcement or a government agency, not a private party that sponsors these red light cameras that automatically generate these citations.

The lower courts in Broward and Palm Beach county should follow suit and uphold this ruling, which bodes well for those with current red light camera tickets. The red light camera agency has said that they will look to appeal this ruling to the State Supreme Court, and make the adjustments necessary so that these citations can still be viable. This course of action remains to be seen.

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Red light cameras issued in the town of DAVIE are unconstitutional

The Honorable Fred Berman, in the West Satellite Courthouse in Plantation, Florida, has recently ruled that red light cameras issued in the town of DAVIE are unconstitutional. This means that in the event you received a red light camera citation in DAVIE, FLORIDA, it will likely be dismissed based upon constitutional legal arguments.

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