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Question: I was going with the flow of traffic in Coral Springs, and the police officer only decided to pull me over for speeding. Can he or she do this?

Answer: Yes, a law enforcement officer can pull you over and give you a speeding ticket even if other drivers around you were speeding too. However, the fact that cars around you were speeding might prove part of a successful speeding ticket defense. Keep reading to find out how.

Question: If I hire you as my Fort Lauderdale traffic ticket defense lawyer, what strategies will you use to have the ticket dismissed?

Answer: The same strategies that have proven effective for clients throughout Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

First, I will listen carefully as you tell me exactly what happened. My training helps me to ask the right questions to determine the facts of the case. This is the key to deciding the best defense against a speeding ticket.

If after your free traffic ticket defense consultation you choose to hire me as your traffic ticket lawyer, I will use a process known as “discovery.” Among other things, I will get copies of the police officer’s notes about the traffic stop and how the officer determined you were speeding. I can also obtain maintenance records of the radar equipment used and, possibly, a history of the officer’s training with the device.

In this process, I will determine the best speeding ticket defense. Close attention to detail is why I’ve been a successful traffic ticket defense attorney in South Florida courts.

Additional strategies that have been successful in speeding ticket defense and in other locations include:

  • Maintaining that the driver denies speeding, making the officer prove the speed limit was violated
  • Showing that metal signage along the roadway, a nearby power station or overhead wires may have affected the radar’s accuracy
  • Demonstrating that there was too much traffic to determine which vehicle was speeding
  • Proving that officer was poorly trained and/or wasn’t using the radar equipment properly
  • Showing that the equipment wasn’t functioning properly
  • Extenuating circumstances made speeding justifiable
  • Speed limit signs were missing or were not clearly visible due to overhanging tree branches, parked vehicles, graffiti and other obstacles

Question: If the police officer who gave the ticket doesn’t appear in court, what happens?

Answer: The case against you will probably be dismissed.

Question: I was given tickets for speeding and careless driving. Can I make a plea deal?

Answer: Yes, but I would consult with an experienced traffic ticket defense lawyer who can determine all the facts in the case before making a deal.

Question: I was driving 8 miles over the speed limit, but the roads were dry and traffic was light. Will this help in my defense?

Answer: Most police officers use six miles per hour over the posted speed as the point at which they make a traffic stop and write a ticket. Good road conditions probably won’t help your case.

Question: What is the best way to reach you?

Answer: The way that is most convenient for you.

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