Speeding Ticket Defense FAQ – Part II

Here are answers to common speeding ticket questions based on my many years as a traffic ticket defense attorney in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida in both civil and criminal cases.

Question: I wasn’t going as fast as the officer said I was on the ticket. Does this mean that the Court has to find me not guilty of this offense?

Answer: Possibly, depending on what evidence the officer provides that you were speeding. The County Court Judge or Traffic Hearing Officer will listen to the officer who wrote the ticket and to you in order to evaluate the evidence before making a decision regarding guilt or innocence.

You do have the presumption of innocence, so the officer will have to make an effective case for giving the ticket.

Question: What evidence is usually used to “prove” that a driver was speeding? What is the best defense against such evidence?

Answer: A reading from radar equipment is the most common form of evidence, but an officer following a driver to gauge their speed can be the basis for issuing a ticket too.

When fighting a speeding ticket in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding communities, it makes sense to have the counsel of an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney with a track record of success. That’s what you’ll get when you call my office today for a free consultation.

I will provide you with speeding ticket defense customized to your specific case, since each situation is unique. I will determine the facts, and together we will decide on the right defense for you. We have many options:

  • Your denial of speeding
  • Showing improper use of radar equipment or faulty equipment
  • Demonstrating that the speed limit was not posted or that signs were not visible due to obstructions
  • Making the case that traffic was too heavy to determine which vehicle was captured on the radar equipment

These are just a few of the successful approaches I’ve used as a South Florida traffic attorney.

Question: What if it comes down to the police officer’s word against mine?

Answer: Frankly, based on my experience, if that is your only defense, you will likely lose and be found guilty of the traffic violation.

My clients don’t have to rely on the “my word against his word” approach. I carefully review the charge against you to find factual errors that can be used in your defense. Contact me today for more information.

Question: Can I defend myself against a speeding ticket, and is it likely to be successful?

Answer: Every person has the right to provide their own defense. Whether or not it will be successful depends on many factors including the individual’s knowledge of the law and the way the court system works and the driver’s ability to effectively discredit the charges. What I can tell you as a traffic ticket defense attorney since 1997 is that the vast majority of drivers who defend themselves are not successful.

Question: What is the cost of traffic ticket defense in Miami or other cities in South Florida?

Answer: There are two ways to answer that question. First, your first consultation with me is free, and ticket defense begins at just $49, a very competitive price.

The second way to answer the question is to consider the cost of hiring an inexperienced traffic attorney. The price you pay might include high fines, points on your record, suspension of your license and possibly worse.

Protect your Driving Rights with an Experienced Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

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