Signing a Traffic Ticket and Related FAQs

As an experienced traffic ticket defense lawyer in Miami and nearby South Florida cities, I have answers to your traffic ticket questions.

Question: When a policer officer gives me a ticket and asks me to sign it, do I have to sign it? If I do, is that an admission of guilt?

Answer: First of all, signing the traffic ticket is not an admission of guilt. Your signature is acknowledgement that you received the traffic citation. You maintain your right to fight the citation, and a traffic ticket defense lawyer will advise you on your rights and the best strategy for your defense. Call me today for a free traffic ticket defense consultation: 855-352-8425.

Question: What will happen if I don’t sign the traffic citation?

Answer: If you repeatedly refuse to sign the traffic ticket, the police officer will likely charge you with resisting arrest without violence, a misdemeanor in Florida. You can also be charged if you tear up or crumble the ticket, take it and refuse to give it back to the officer or if you throw it on the ground.

Even if you intend to fight the citation, I recommend that you sign the ticket to avoid the serious consequences of refusing it.

Question: If the officer asks me how fast I was going, what should I say?

Answer: I recommend that you politely respond with, “I’m not going to answer questions.” Do not say, “I don’t know,” because that will be used by the officer in Court to show that you have no basis for denying that you were speeding.

Politely decline to answer while telling the officer that you intend to remain silent, which is your right.

Your silence cannot legally be construed as an admission of guilt nor is it considered probable cause to search you or your vehicle or arrest you.

Question: How can I fight the ticket?

Answer: Your best strategy is to call me to discuss the facts of your case. I will use my proven experience as a South Florida traffic attorney to ask the right questions in order to clearly understand the circumstances surrounding the traffic citation. I’m trained to get the facts, and when I know exactly what happened, I can determine the best traffic ticket defense for your case.

Question: What kinds of tickets have you been successful in defending clients against?

Answer: In my many years as a traffic ticket defense attorney in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs and surrounding communities, I have protected the driving rights of clients through:

  • Speeding ticket defense
  • Reckless driving & careless driving defense
  • Hit and run defense
  • Road rage defense
  • Fleeing and eluding defense
  • DUI defense
  • Street racing defense
  • Driving on a suspended license defense
  • Failure to yield defense
  • Running a stop sign or red light defense
  • Rear end accident defense
  • Toll & Sunpass ticket defense

I have successfully defended clients against these and many other moving and non-moving violations. Call me today if you are facing points on your driving record, fines, fees, suspension of your license or incarceration. I will learn the facts of the case, discuss your traffic ticket defense options and aggressively defend you against the charges.

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